David Leahy


David Leahy is a Kent-based musician and dancer specialising in things improvised, from Free Improvisation in music to Contact Improvisation in dance.

In his past, he journeyed through Classical music, celtic and world music to arrive at Jazz, before focusing his energy on music with less recognisable stylistic constraints. His relationship with dance began as a composer for choreographies, before becoming an accompanist and finally a dancer himself.

He now maintain a duel practice working in the UK and internationally as a soloist and performer (music, dance and combined) / accompanist / composer / conductor and facilitator.

Leahy produces his own work as well as in collaboration with others. Notable ongoing relationships with individuals and institutions include: London Improvisers Orchestra, Wuppertal Improvisers Orchestra, MbUSkers (Kent-based MbUS group), and Improvisers on the European free improvised music scene; Fevered Sleep (Theatre Company), London Contact Improvisers, Trinity Laban, Greenwich Dance Agency, Underscores in London, Slap, Tina Krasevec, Hagit Yakari, Daun Ensemble, Deirdre Starr, Geraldo Si, Benedict Taylor, Angeline Conaghan and Groundswell Arts.